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BioForceTech was built to solve the problem of biosolids treatment. To achieve this goal, an exceptional team of experts in the fields of biotechnology, business administration, and energy, mechanical, and software engineering was formed.
After 5 years of research and development, the ultimate system to create energy and biochar from any biomass and organic waste, is finalized. Short treatment duration, care for the environment, and saving of energy were key features in the development of our plant, the only one in the world that combines low processing time with an energy-positive process.

Bioforcetech BioDryer

Step 1: BioDryer™Dry the biomass with life

As bacteria grow, they emit heat. BFT uses this heat to remove the water from the biomass and tap the stored chemical energy. With our innovative process, we are able to dry any biomass without the use of additives, fossil fuels, chemicals, etc.

Bioforcetech Pyrolysis

Step 2: P-FIVE Pyrolysis reactorUltimately transform waste

With our self-sustained pyrolysis system, the combination of elevated temperature and absence of oxygen transforms the biomass into a flow of high-heat-content syngas. This incredible technology gives us the opportunity to produce clean energy while trapping heavy metals and ensuring the cleanest possible emissions.

Bioforcetech Biochar

Step 3: The resultHarvest energy and biochar

To avoid truck transportation of waste, the BFT plant reduces the weight of biosolids (and other biomass) by more than 90%. What is left is extra energy and BioChar, a nutrient rich soil amendment (

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