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BioDryerTMs are designed and manufactured by BioForceTech, with its patent filed at the patent office in Milan, the BioDryerTM technology is an innovative and efficient drying of organic materials solution.

Recycling is our ENERGY

BFT’s ultimate objective was to build a high­efficiency plant with low capital cost and limited external fossil fuel requirements. Special features were implemented in the design to keep energy waste to a minimum. These included aeration, waste heat recovery, efficient reactor shape, and insulation methods.

BioForceTech Recycle Energy

Metabolic WASTE Energy

BFT drying system guarantees a high degree of drying (from 20% of dry matter to 80% of dry matter) without consuming high level of energy. This is accomplished by recycling the metabolic waste energy generated by bacteria already present in the material as heat.

From 80% H2O ⇒ to 20% H2O = - 60%

From 60° to 155° F
without using every gas

In anaerobic digesters, controlled growth conditions yield a specific bacterial population, which produces a mixture of high­heat­value gases.

Similarly, the BFT drying reactors control oxygen and temperature levels for proliferation of specific microbial populations.

BioForceTech Temperature Increment


In a system optimized for this purpose, this temperature, together with the correct air flow, can be used as the means to carry and evaporate the water held by the material, thus leading to a high dry solid concentration.

From 1000 kg ⇒ to 250 kg = - 75%

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