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Waste Management Investors

Waste Management has joined our family of investors

We are pleased to announce that WM Organic Growth, Inc., a corporate affiliate of Waste Management, Inc., the leading provider of comprehensive waste management environmental services in North America, has joined with Bioforcetech Corporation as a minority investor to help further advance our biosolids and organic waste processing technology.
Since 2013, Bioforcetech has been committed to protecting nature and human health by providing technologies that deliver a zero waste future, transforming organic waste into sustainable products. This new investment will help our team deliver innovative solutions to more municipalities and help fulfill our goals on a bigger scale.
A special "Thank You" to the Waste Management team for their continued support and for believing in our vision!
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Analisi Biochar


On September 12th, 2019 Bioforcetech Corporation provided anaerobically digested biosolids (at 91% solid content) to Vista Analytical Laboratory in El Dorado Hills, CA for analysis. The input biosolids were processed through a reactor utilizing a flameless technology that results in the transformation of the treated sewage sludge into a sustainable product called Biochar...Read More

Silicon Valley Startup

Meet the Silicon Valley Startup getting rid of CO2 By Turning Waste into Energy

As the hottest winter in the history of Planet Earth fast approaches, people are demanding from governments and businesses systemic change. We need safer, greener energy and materials that won’t destroy the few natural, precious resources we have left. A Silicon Valley startup seems to already have one solution at hand… Read More

Bioforcetech SVCW Project

SVCW Project Uses Heat and Energy from Bacteria to Dry Biosolids

Bioforcetech demonstration facility at Silicon Valley Clean Water is producing biochar that is cheaper, safer and easier to manage. Biosolids are dried and made safe by using the heat given off from the bacteria growing in the biosolids… Read the full article Read More

Upcycling - Bioforcetech su NBC

‘Upcycling' Sewage: Silicon Valley Company Converts Human Waste to Fertilizer Without Using Energy

"Upcycling," Presezzi calls it. "We’re taking a waste that has no value and we’re actually creating value from that waste.” Built to run on human waste, the process not only creates energy but runs on itself… Read More

Azienda di Redwood City sceglie Bioforcetech

Redwood City Company Finds a Way to Turn Biosolids Into Fertilizer with no Energy

Though most don’t think about what happens after a toilet is flushed, Dario Presezzi and his team of five have been hunkered down in trailers at a Redwood City wastewater treatment plant for the last five years laser focused on just that. Read More