OurCarbon® Biochar

A Carbon Negative Base Material

‘Waste’ is a waste.

OurCarbon® sets a new definition of waste reuse: diverting ‘waste’ organics and transforming them into a carbon negative material with myriad uses.

According to the EPA, 15% of all Methane emissions emitted in the US came from organics breaking down in landfill. With a warming factor of over 20 times that of Carbon Dioxide, the methane emitting from landfill organics must be stopped. By diverting organics from less beneficial practices like landfill, and then drying and pyrolysing them through the Bioforcetech system, we transform this ‘waste’ into a carbon rich material called OurCarbon®. Once transformed, OurCarbon® can be applied to industries for beneficial, carbon offsetting use.


Every year, organic materials are labeled as ‘waste’ and are disposed of poorly. In 2018 alone, 15% of all US methane emissions came from organics going to landfill and breaking down. By diverting these materials from landfill and fixing their carbon in place for centuries, we prevent tons of emissions every day.


The BFT System transforms organics into a OurCarbon® at net zero energy. This process starts by using bacteria to dry the organics, and then moves to pyrolysis to clean the material and lock its carbon in place. Once up and running, this technology powers itself indefinitely and creates tons of OurCarbon® daily. The heat of this process also eliminates some very problematic chemical chains present in feedstocks like biosolids such as PFAS, microplastics and pharmaceuticals.


Now transformed into OurCarbon® this new material can be applied to industry for beneficial use. As a colorant, OurCarbon® is able to tint paints, woodworking stains, inks, resins, plastics, and more. As a material additive, OurCarbon® can be used to replace aggregates in concrete, turning our very own buildings into carbon sinks. It can also be used in ceramics, or any cast material to reduce raw material needs. As a soil amendment, OurCarbon® restores soil carbon by helping microbes flourish, holding onto water, and adding much needed nitrogen and phosphorous.


Soil Amendment

DEN Sustainable Soils

A growing presence in the sustainable indoor soil market, DEN uses OurCarbon as a highlighted ingredient in all of their products.


RethINK Black by Virus Inks©

Rethink Black is a sustainable screen printing ink designed for textiles. This water and bio-based ink uses OurCarbon pigment which diverts and gives a new life to organic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Material Additive

Net Zero Concrete

The first carbon neutral structural concrete in North America, the Drabkin-Mead concrete forumulation uses OurCarbon as a replacement for a portion of the fine aggregate. The addition of OurCarbon not only reduces the amount of sand required for the mix, but neutralizes the carbon footprint of the resulting concrete.


Virus Inks

Virus© InksVirus© Inks rethinks the black ink for textile screen printing creating a recycled product obtained from the diversion of organic waste

Material source

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