Pyrolysis can be defined as the thermal decomposition of organic material through the application of heat without the addition of extra air or oxygen. Through this process, that takes place at temperatures between 660 and 1,650 degrees F, two co-products are obtained: syngas and Biochar. The Pyrolysis machines utilize this principle to produce renewable energy from any organic waste.

Bioforcetech Pyrolysis Process
Bioforcetech Pyrolisis Self-Sustained Process

Self-Sustained Process

The most sustainable technology for organics upycling.

This pyrolysis system utilizes the heat self generated by the syngas oxidation to sustain its own process without the need of external heat sources (like fossil fuels). The process generates heat in the form of hot water that can be used for drying or other needs.

Available in
3 Sizes
Skid mounted Machines
Model 1


Model 2


Model 3


Technology key points


The pyrolysis units are made of top grade stainless steel for best performance in all environments.


More than twenty units currently operating allowed us to optimise the process and generate up to 1.35 MMBTU/H per unit of usable heat.


The Pyrolysis is controlled by the latest Automation technology. Automated reports, predictive maintenance and self-adaptive algorithms brings you the Industry 4.0+ from day 1.


High temperatures and corrosive environments can lower the lifespan of a machine. The Pyrolysis is designed with durability in mind, this is why only the best materials and brands are used to manufacture the system.


A self sustained process guarantees 24-7 operations while generating renewable energy.


Constant temperatures and residence time guarantee the highest quality of Biochar.

Possible Feedstocks

A flexible systems for all types of organic materials.
Municipal Sewage Sludge Biosolids
Yard Waste
Agricultural Waste


Gas Burner Capacity From 290kW
Gas Burner Temperature 900 / 1100 ºC
Pyrolysis Reactor Temperature 450 / 750 ºC
Dimensions 3m wide x 9m long x 5.6m tall
Loading Hopper Capacity 2 Cubic Meters